True wellness goes far beyond physical gains. It holistically encapsulates your mind, body, soul, and spirit. And when you achieve it, your wellness radiates onto others.
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Shout Out To These Sisters...Glow on.

Do y'all have internet besties? Friends in your head that you've never met but feel deeply connected to on these inna...
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On Getting to the Glow

Ok so boom – cue scene: It’s 10 pm. Your wind-down is winding. Kitchen counters have that post-dinner wipe down lit w...
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Take Care of You Too, Mama: Some Journal Prompts For You This Week

The mamas. The grandmamas. The godmamas. The aunty-mamas. Y’all are the ones, ok? There is no shortage of words that ...
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On the Road to Betterness - A Wealth and Wellness Journey

A recap from our first Wealth and Wellness Social!
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Bold, Best, and BETTERness

Today we’re talking to Denise and Kala, co-founders and visionaries of BetternessBox as they share a bit about what it’s taken to break ground in business and keep that thang moving.
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But, Do You Have People?

But, Do You Have People? When Being Wealthy Ain’t About Money At All <iframe src="
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