what? what?


The thing about being go-getting, ceiling-shattering, trail-blazing, record-breaking, heavy-hitting, ever-winning women is that the vision never grows faint and rarely does the pace ever slow. We are often so driven and so deeply motivated to accomplish the goals that we declare, that our energy and effort keeps us in doer’s momentum. In the most extreme cases, it comes at the sacrifice of full presence-- we don’t often sit long enough to bask in what we’ve done and experience the fruit of our labor. OR, we knock off one goal and celebrate it by upping the ante from that post and finding new ways to make it bigger.

To be clear: there’s nothing wrong with that.

But in the spirit of We Are Thriving and an active culture and commitment to self-embracing and pacing- we’re giving some space to pause and process. To take stock of what we’ve checked off the list and make sense of what it means, what it took, and how it feels to be living in the moment we prayed for, worked toward and manifested. 

So yeah. Over the course of the season, we’re going to be asking ourselves and others…now what?

Now, what? is our opportunity to ask achievers in various life-seasons to talk through their latest accomplishments and what it feels like to have gotten there, what it’s taking to stay there, and how it feels to ‘finally’ be on this side of the dream. Spoiler: even when you get to where you’ve always wanted to go, there’s always more than you bargained (or budgeted!) for.

Join us this season as we chat with business owners, reality stars, wife-momma-multipreneurs, thirty-something singles and others who are asking themselves…now what?

It’s going to be a real look at life and the way we live it, choose it and exist in our most honest and authentic selves.

Join us as we get honest, take stock, and take it there. It's gonna be good.

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