To Women: We See You.

To Women: We See You.


Call us biased. Call us tunnel-visioned. Call us whatever you’d like -- but when you call us, make sure you address us first as WOMAN.

That’s right. There is no shying from the position we own in our feminine power, ability and strength. And as the world celebrates the contributions of our cadre during Women’s History Month, we’re reveling in what we know is true: the strength and power of the woman is the force that has and will continue to change the world.

The history of this national celebration is significant. That the world recognizes the need to celebrate women is an indicator of the deep honor that our existence is owed, and we lean fully into that.

So we honor the history.

We stand tall on the legacy.

And we also vow to empower, support and nurture the lived experience of women today. That is why we are here. To ensure that women are fueled - body, mind, and spirit - and are prioritized in the ways that help them see themselves as the change agents, nurturers, cultivators, and world shapers that they are.

So as partners and advocates for the BETTERNESS of women - today we hold sacred space and celebrate the lives, existence and stories of every woman. Past and present. For the undeniable glory that you carry in your being and the very essence that blesses in ways our world moves, we see you.

To you, to us, and to every woman: Happy Women’s History Month.

Photo by Library of Congress on Unsplash

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