Springtime Affirmations for Black Women

Springtime Affirmations for Black Women


Spring Affirmations for Black Women

It’s that come-alive season.
When the sun stays longer.
And the blooms begin and colors peek.

When the days give us gentle warmth, moments to linger, and a season that resets us.

Spring is an awakening season. For many of us, it is when we begin to walk in and with renewed energy, with the help of nature’s flow to energize us and prompt us to begin.

For some, Spring denotes the start of their real new year, because how can one begin in the dead of winter anyway?

To honor the season, both in nature and in your life, we want you to grab these affirmations, sit with them, and allow them to be the fueling energy for what you want to create and experience this year.

Affirm with us and most importantly, to you:

I am a creative being; I am a living, breathing home of imagination and possibility. There is no limit to what ideas can come through my vessel. The deep intricacies of my mind and sight are uniquely positioned to envision what does not yet exist, and to bring it to life. I imagine, I create, and I establish. It’s what I do. That’s who I am.

My roots are deep, and I am worthy of good nourishment, rest, and live-giving light. I will blissfully bloom because I create the conditions for it.

I nurture myself from a place of love. The care I give my body, my heart, and my soul are not done to fix problems I see, but to care for myself well. I am gentle in my speech and with my body. The rest I take, the food I enjoy, the intentional movement of my body - they all represent the way I honor myself and my strong, incredible, beautiful being. 

Playfulness and joy are necessary. There is no guilt for taking time and relinquishing the toil of labor to experience the soul-stirring goodness of joy. Laughter is a breath to me. I will take time to experience it fully, often, and without explanation.

If extra is what I feel, extra is what I will do!  Indulgent expression is for me this season. And I love that for me.

To a spring that reflects the goodness that you are, the ways that this goodness will be fuel for your own life and existence: Happy New Season to you.


Photo by Jessica Felicio on Unsplash

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