Consider Taking More Naps in 2023

Consider Taking More Naps in 2023


Did you know that occasional naps may boost your overall health?

There are several research studies that prove the power of the nap. Benefits can increase energy and alertness, while also easing your nervous system.

According to the Cleveland Clinic, people who nap perform better, have greater memory function and are less moody and impulsive. Their ability to focus on tasks is more sufficient. Consequently, enhancing their ability to do more and be more productive and creative.

Surprisingly, there is a science to an effective nap. Timing is everything. On average, the best time to reap the benefits of a nap is before two to three in the afternoon. This avoids interference with your nightly sleep routine, while also providing a midday boost. It is also recommended that 30-60 minutes is typically the sweet spot for nap sessions. Hence the phrase, “power nap.” 

Luckily, naps simply call for a pillow and blanket as minimum accessories. To ensure your nap is uninterrupted, super charge your nap with the Fierce Sleep Mask available in the I Am Fierce BetternessBox. It is the perfect addition to keep the sun out of your eyes during those midday naps.

In case you can’t nap, no worries. Naps are not mandatory for people to be productive. Yet, many find benefits in napping as they age in order to reset throughout the day. For those who need an alternative to napping, there are other ways in which you can restore and reset your mind and body. Try a rejuvenating activity like meditation or exercise. 

Whether you nap or not, the idea is to listen to your body and take a pause or break when needed, in order to shift and re-center energy and focus. So in the spirit of the well-rested Quinta Brunson, “Let's get into naps this year!”

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