Grand Opening, Grand Closing - An End of Summer Moment

Grand Opening, Grand Closing - An End of Summer Moment


Ok, ok, we get it. YES, we’ve technically got a few weeks left and NO we’re not trying to rush the summer away, but somehow, the calendar says we’re here already. As August signals the return to school for some, and the weather cools for others, we’re mentally preparing to bid summer ‘23 farewell. Complete with its wins, lessons and all the moments in between, we hope you’ve spent the season fully present with yourself and in your life--making space for this version of you, unapologetically. 

We’ve been talking about existing in your full radiance all season long and have some closing thoughts and questions to help you assess how you might take that emphasis with you into the next season.

  • What sparked joy for me this summer? Consider the spaces you were in and how it helped you engage more deeply and fully with your own body and mind
  • Where did I give the most energy? Are you able to take stock of how you spent your days? Assess what adjustments you might make
  • The biggest decision I made was…? Often we’re living more courageously than we realize. Celebrate the ways you showed up for yourself, sis!
  • How did I treat my body? Your summer body goals are yours to own; we just hope the care you gave yourself was intentional, fortifying and kind.
  • Who were the people who made life come alive for you? Whether it was creating new memories and walking through a difficult season -- who were your people, and how can you show kindness to them?

While there is no guidebook on how to live each season well, there is certainly intention and as long as we have space and breath, there is opportunity to adjust to the ways we want to design our experience. 

We’ve still got a few weeks of summer left, sis. Make it the experience of your deepest desires. Show up in your fullness. Celebrate YOURSELF. You deserve that love, that energy, and that joy.

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