Introducing: The BetternessBox L.I.T. Awards!

Introducing: The BetternessBox L.I.T. Awards!


What will always be true about BetternessBox -- from the products that we curate for our boxes, to the content we produce on every corner of the internet -- is that it all celebrates, honors and centers Black women. We’re unapologetic about that. We are occupying a distinct role and serving a unique purpose in an industry and conversation that has not traditionally lifted us and our stories. And so, we MAKE THE SPACE. We stand ten toes in it, and we’re loud about it. That is, and will always be the Betterness commitment. 

We don’t do this alone. And while our intentionally designed boxes are created for women to prioritize their own care and wellness, we do not do this by ourselves or for ourselves solely. We believe in the power of sharing our stories in their fullness and celebrating the women that inspire us all to live out our unique purposes by design. 

So that brings us here, to this moment in Betterness -- in our business and in the culture. We’re taking some time this holiday season to celebrate and honor women who are running their races, creating the lives that they dream of, giving the gift of their vision to the world and thriving right where they are. The LIT Awards are celebrating women LUMINATING the world, INSPIRING the culture and THRIVING as powerhouses in their own right. 

So here’s how this digital party is gonna work:

  1. Each week, we’ll feature a profile of our L.I.T woman of the week. We’ll share her story here on the blog and on socials, and drop the awardee’s nuggets -- their tools of the trade that have helped as they’ve journeyed.
  2. Each L.I.T. awardee feature will share the results from their BetternessBox self care quiz. If you haven’t taken it -- what are you waiting for, girl?
  3. We’ll post the L.I.T awardee profiles and ask that you share/comment/engage-- we want these women to feel elevated and celebrated exactly as they deserve. 

So tap in for the next few weeks! We want you to be part of the moment that lifts up incredible women and creates momentum for celebrating the lives, the dreams, the stories and the women that are making the moves that make it possible for us to do the same.

It’s L.I.T. season!


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