On Betterness and the Black Beauty Effect

On Betterness and the Black Beauty Effect


Let’s start with a disclaimer: this topic and content isn’t our original idea. We (probably like you!) watched the Netflix series, got riled up, and decided that we too wanted to relish and rehearse just how deeply impactful the Black beauty effect is. 

So that’s why we’re here. To, in the spirit of Betterness, make space for and celebrate the way that Blackness has, is and will forever be an encompassing tenet of beauty universally. This is not debatable. For us, though, the conversation isn’t just about the undeniable way that Blackness has shaped the cultural expression of beauty, but it’s about the way that honoring Blackness in beauty as a practice is a space that we should amplify and prioritize.

When we talk about honoring your Blackness through beauty, we’re referencing the active practice of choosing to make time and build a system for your own beauty -- however it is that you define that. Whether yours is a pristine routine in skincare, creativity in makeup, a hair regimen or a full body focus, we advocate for always making the choice to do it. We believe that there is absolute value in cultivating beauty practices as a form of your own care.

Beauty isn’t just a surface and superficial element of our human experience. The important historical context of how our specific brand of beauty has defined, shaped and created cultural moments is tenable. It visualizes our origins and story. Beauty, and the perception of it in our own lives is a nuanced and complex journey steeped in the individual experiences that shapes how we see ourselves.  And, we believe, to honor that story in our individual experience is a good and right thing. Your body, skin, hair and face deserve the time it takes to care for it well and adorn it as it deserves. What choice will you make to do that? How will you invest in a consistent practice that connects you with yourself in a practice that expresses your worth?

There isn’t just one answer and the variety of our beauty practices is what makes our work and this industry the mosaic it is. Whichever expression you prefer, however, we hope that you allow it to be nurtured, and see your choice in beauty and wellness as one that is a sacred expression of your own care. And if you haven’t, we encourage you to start.

Maybe it means:

  • Test driving new skin care routine, with a new moisturizer and adding sunscreen to your lineup
  • Buying a fun new lip color that’s a break from your normal nude shade or clear gloss
  • Coloring your hair or doing a big chop or straightening your curls
  • Sampling a new fragrance, or creating something unique by layering several that you already own
  • Getting inspo from your fave influencer on a new contour trick that makes your features pop

The ‘what’ of it is endless. The why though -- that’s what we hope you’ll deeply consider and cherish and make a choice for.

For your beauty. For your wellness. For your…you.

Photo by Gideon Hezekiah on Unsplash

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