Creating Relaxing Vibes at Home

Creating Relaxing Vibes at Home


Let’s face it – most of us are juggling a lot throughout the day. So when we return home from a challenging or demanding day, all we want to do is take off the bra, kick up our feet, and reset. And an evening wind-down session or relaxing evening routine can do the trick.

There are plenty of things you can do to help create an ideal vibe for a restful evening.

Here are a few:

Turn your notifications off! Because we already know you’ve been glued to your phone all day anyways. So disconnect. The Shaderoom updates and TikTok videos will be there in the morning.

Keep it light! After a day of regulating and making sure things are in order, curl up on the couch and zone out to your favorite mindless tv series. Consider this a sign to watch all the ratchet, guilty pleasures you want. All things don’t have to be too serious.

Aromatherapy is a thing! Girl, buy the candles and set the mood for yourself. Better yet, try Scentered, a well-being ritual sleep balm, that is meant to relax your body and calm the mind. Think portable aromatherapy. Order our WE ARE RESTORED box and take it with you wherever you go!

Forget the bonnet! Let’s be honest, sometimes we forget to wrap our hair or put on our bonnet. Make your evening simple with a satin pillowcase, which is also in our WE ARE RESTORED box.

Unload in a journal! Writing down your thoughts before bed helps clear your head for a good night’s slumber. Not only can you download the day’s events and unload your thoughts and feelings but you can also write out intentions for the following day.

Check-in with Alexa! Sometimes we need a little help quieting our mind. Tell Alexa to play rain sounds or wave sounds to drift off to sleep. Trust me - it works every time!

An evening wind-down doesn’t have to be complicated. We deserve evenings that are simple and relaxing, in order to have a peaceful and refreshing sleep so we can get up and do it all again the next day.

Comment below and let us know how you relax and wind down at home after a busy day.

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