Decluttering Your House and Headspace

Decluttering Your House and Headspace


Sis, look around your space – your home or your office.
Now, do a gut check. 
Keep it real. 
What emotions surface when you look around your space?
How are your stress levels?
How are you sleeping at night?

Our space usually reflects the calm or chaos in our life. 

According to research conducted by Verywell Mind, our physical space or structure can impact our mental space significantly, and vice versa. Feeling emotionally drained can cause you to feel overwhelmed. Consequently, the idea of keeping a tidy space overpowers you, causing you to feel less inspired to make a change and declutter.

Living in a cluttered space can be overwhelming and lead to feelings of stress or anxiety. It's important to take the time to declutter your space and get organized. You can clear your space quickly, easily, and effectively with the right approach and tools.

One tool that will help you declutter your space is a planner. Reserve space in your day for cleaning tasks like decluttering an area, clearing off a countertop or rearranging a corner of a room. A planner allows you to organize your tasks, prioritize them, and track progress on each one. Break the tasks up into smaller tasks if needed. It helps prevent tasks from feeling daunting or tedious. A planner helps keep you focused so that it's easier to find what you need when you need it. 

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Organizing items into categories also makes decluttering easier. For example, sorting clothes by season or separating toys by type can help free up space and make it easier to keep things tidy.  Taking small steps over time will add up quickly when it comes to cleaning out your home or workspace.

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