Navigating Family Gatherings With Ease

Navigating Family Gatherings With Ease


The best relationships and families are not those without conflict, but those where the conflict is dynamic, lively, healthy, and respectful.

— Matthew Kelly, Building Better Families

For many, the holidays are synonymous with family gatherings. It is no secret that these family gatherings tend to bring about all types of randomness both good and bad. Thus, we are very aware that the holidays, while they intend to be full of joy and cheer, can be a little hard for some people.

If you’re anything like us, we like to seek advice and get all the help we can when it comes to figuring out how best to navigate and better a situation. This amazing article written by Stephanie Dorais for shows you how you may want to manage your personal interactions with your different family members over the holidays.

Which family member are you?

  1. The Introvert

  2. The Thinker

  3. The Feeler

Dorais’ article narrows in on how these ensuing family gatherings may impact individual family members that fall into each of these personality types and gives tips on how to navigate the interaction with various family members. We all know that every family dynamic is different and that’s why we found this article so helpful. Check out the article then come back here to tell us how your family dynamic is when everyone gets together.


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