LaToyia: L.I.T. With The Keys to Your Dream House

LaToyia: L.I.T. With The Keys to Your Dream House


LaToyia "LaLa" Gilmore has the keys, ok? As a top producing real estate agent and MOTHA, she has taken the reins of her life and career to live out purpose and help others accomplish their dreams. She is a Cali girl who specializes in serving military and veteran families, and has created a portfolio that includes helping people buy and sell homes with a seamless and joyful experience.

LaToyia's advice to women pursuing their dreams:
I'm most proud of myself for overcoming my fears and doubt of others, by being a Top Producing Realtor in an Asian-Male dominant brokerage. I prioritize my peace, me-time and mental health and spiritual well-being to maintain me. I love myself first and practice boundaries to stay centered.

LaToyia’s stay-L.I.T. tip:
"How you do anything is how you do EVERYTHING!

LaToyia’s self-care type:
The Creator

Why we love her:
LaToyia has taken her global experiences and translated them into a career that helps and serves others. She has seen and experienced the world and brings that perspective into her work. She helps people find their perfect fit, and does it with a style and class that is unmatched.

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