Judge Amber Givens: L.I.T. in Liberty and Justice

Judge Amber Givens: L.I.T. in Liberty and Justice


Judge Amber Givens is Presiding Judge of the 282nd Judicial District Court in Dallas County, Texas. Since being elected to serve in 2014, she has been a leader pushing for Criminal Justice Reform, educating underserved communities about the Criminal Justice System, and creating programs to reduce recidivism; all while aggressively working to ensure that the rights of the victims and those accused are simultaneously protected. 

Judge Amber's advice to women pursuing their dreams:
Your best self is right outside of your comfort zone. Put on your blinders…don’t look to your left or your right…stay focused and walk with purpose. Your commitment to your purpose will guide you when the naysayers attempt to distract you and strategically place boulders on your path. Find your purpose and commit.

What Judge Amber is most proud of:
I am most proud of the decision I made to listen to God’s voice and journey into the world of politics. God transformed my pain into purpose and that process has equipped me to serve the people in a fearless, authentic way.

Judge Amber's stay-L.I.T. tips:
“There is no traffic in your lane.” 
“Validation is only for parking.” 

Judge Amber's self-care type:
The Creator 

Why we love her:
Judge Amber models what is possible when you pursue with intention, focus and belief. She is groundbreaking in so many ways, and is giving women and girls EVERYWHERE a model representation in a sector that has historically been out of reach. She is an educator, activist, advocate and a QUEEN in her court. 

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