Mindset Shifting and Life Planning

Mindset Shifting and Life Planning


Sis, last week’s Wellness Wednesday session was on fire. BetternessBox co-owners, Denise Gilmore-McPherson and Kala Garner, were dropping all the gems. It was forreal the sister-chat we all needed. 

As we prepare for the next season’s ‘We Are Wealthy’ BetternessBox to drop, the two shared their thoughts, experiences, and tips on how they gut check when it comes to mindset shifting and life planning. They also gave a preview of the box’s featured book, We Should All Be Millionaires by Rachel Rodgers. 

The session was a good reminder that we have a lot more control over our life, time, and energy than we may realize. We have to evaluate and define what achievement means for us individually rather than what society traditionally tells us. And when we break our goals down into smaller tasks and checkpoints, planning becomes less overwhelming and more palpable, allowing us to appreciate small victories. 

In assessing our load and what we’re carrying and planning for life’s journey, Denise challenged us to proactively eliminate responsibilities that do not serve us.

Remembering Auntie Erykah Badu’s advice to “pack light,” the duo shared a light acronym to keep us in check:

L: Love it or leave it. If it doesn’t bring joy or progression, remove it from the journey. 

I: Illuminate your intentions/intentional inclusion. Be intentional about our thoughts, time, goals, actions and be willing to make the tough decisions in order to achieve what we desire.

G: Grace not guilt. Guilt clouds the space so we might as well give ourselves grace. Some things don’t go as planned, and that’s alright. And other times, we may realize that we don’t always need all the things we thought we might need. 

H: Heaviness hurts. If the load is heavy, we might need to reconsider the reason why we’re carrying such a load in the first place. If it hurts, why are we carrying it?

T: Thoughtfulness. Check-in with ourselves throughout the journey and leave room for pivots and adjustments.

When shifting our mindset, we have to be sure to have a tight support system nearby. This includes making sure we’re taking the best version of ourselves along on the journey.  

The new BetternessBox season will take a deep dive in understanding our relationship with money, tending to our financial goals. We will learn how to use what we have to get to where we want to go.


Photo credit: Anete Lusina

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