Wealth-Building & Money Talks

Wealth-Building & Money Talks


These days, it’s hard to tap into social media without hearing about a podcast. They are efficient ways to learn about any and everything whenever it’s convenient for you and your schedule. Seriously! Name a topic, and there’s a podcast for it.  And this season, we’re talking all things money. 

Listening to money-talking podcasts provides us with a great opportunity to hear from the best of them and learn the ins and outs of wealth building. It allows invaluable opportunities to be a part of conversations that build Black wealth - improving our finances, increasing our credit score, growing supplemental income, expanding our financial portfolio, and ultimately creating a secure financial future.

Here are some of our favorite money-talking podcasts that are led by awesome Black women financial experts and wealth professionals who have us locked in and ready to increase our coins:
  • The Purpose of Money: Acquania Escarne gives helpful tips on how to think differently about money and shift our mindset so it benefits us and our financial future. The podcast gives transparency and relevant tips on various financial topics - from building your credit to ensuring your children have life insurance. Each episode includes relevant tips that are bound to make you feel more comfortable about money management.
  • Journey to Launch: Hosted by Jamila Souffrant, this podcast takes a non-judgmental approach to help people reach financial freedom and independence by eliminating debt and increasing their savings and net worth, and having an intentional financial mindset. 
  • Money Talk with Tiff: Tiffany Grant is a financial coach and self-proclaimed money nerd. With special guests, she shares tips and tricks about money management, ways to make additional income, and her own personal financial story towards financial freedom.
  • Brown Ambition: Personal finance expert and journalist, Mandi Woodruff, and NYT bestselling author and award-winning financial educator, Tiffany “The Budgetnista” Aliche, chat weekly to give it to you straight. They chat all things savings, investing options, and choosing career choices that make sense for your wallet and your overall fulfillment. The podcast is reminiscent of a familiar catch-up session with your closest girlfriends who have your best interest.
  • Redefining Wealth with Patrice Washington: In this podcast, Patrice takes a casual approach when connecting with her listeners. She discusses wealth, holistically – ultimately chatting about all the things that impact a wealthy lifestyle, beyond the money. She lays out the foundation for navigating life circumstances and how to achieve the mindset and skillset necessary for wealthiness and wellness. 

Podcasts are an increasingly popular way to gain new knowledge and advice on wealth-building. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced money manager, podcasts can offer valuable insights into how to grow your finances and secure your financial future.

From sharing personal experiences to interviews with experts in the field, podcasts provide a great platform for discussing various topics. Listeners can tune in and learn about strategies for budgeting and saving, investing techniques, taxes, and much more. And the best part is, the information and tools are easily accessible whenever and how often you desire.

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