Picture of black women panelists at wealth and wellness event.

On the Road to Betterness - A Wealth and Wellness Journey



So about that event we planned and hosted just over a week ago? We’re STILL trying to give words to what we felt, heard and experienced as a community of like minded learners. The agenda was specific and the conversations were planned--intended to open the discussion about wealth, wellness and the audacious journey to live in both. But we could never have anticipated the way this forum would lead to connections and community introspection the way that it did.

"I want to send you a personal thank you for inviting me to this event…you have no idea. I’ve been working very hard for the past five years to try to get my wife’s mentality into an investment minded mentality. After the event she and I went to lunch where she admitted, and apologized, unnecessarily, of course, for dragging her feet, and not understanding what I have been trying to show her for these past five years.  Being around a bunch of like-minded women was exactly what she needed to prove to herself, that it wasn’t just a pipe dream of mine, but it’s actually a reality and something tangible for us to achieve." - Wealth and Wellness attendee

Whew. It’s the reflection and revelation for us.

BetternessBox hosted this event in partnership with our good friend Oracle Batie-Smith of CocoResidential Real Estate Group because we believe in partnership, and we wanted to present the wealth conversation and the process of home buying with an expert who could come alongside us and share real perspective and information. Oracle is a mastermind broker and realtor who brings a unique approach to how she coaches and supports her clients. As a wellness practitioner and mindfulness coach, she is intentional about informing and equipping her clients holistically, beginning with mindset shifting and the perspective of belief in oneself. We love her for that.

The day was FULL and the energy gave us the safety and calm that made the conversations come easy. Hosted at the incredible Sanctum Wellness Spa, the day was set in a space that felt safe. With share-out of our wealth quiz results and idea-sharing, two panels of dynamic women - single homeowners and real estate investors - and some mindful meditation and wealth-building affirmations, the time we spent was a full experience in bringing our journeys and goals into right perspective and doing it with others. Oh - and the vendors? Fire! Each brand reflected a part of a woman’s wellness journey - from the inside out. From apparel, skincare, beauty, home energy and of course self-care (heyyyyy Betterness baes!), it was exactly what we needed to get right and be well.

We hope you’ll join us for the next one and keep yourself in the place of wealth and wellness as the lifestyle you live.

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