Take Care of You Too, Mama: Some Journal Prompts For You This Week

Take Care of You Too, Mama: Some Journal Prompts For You This Week


The mamas. The grandmamas. The godmamas. The aunty-mamas. Y’all are the ones, ok? There is no shortage of words that we have to affirm you and all the ways you are vital to life forming and flowing. For the ways you nurture, grow, and sacrifice for your children and the family communities you care for -- THANK YOU.

No matter what stage or version of motherhood you’re in, we hope that your perspective on this season of your life includes the care of yourself. We know you are taking care of the children…we also know that to do that well, you must also take care OF YOU. Whatever your motherhood method is, we hope that you’re able to engage that calling with the fullness of have a centered soul, a self assuredness, and an outlet that prioritizes your whole self -- body, mind, and spirit.

So, a few prompts we’d like for you to ponder and journal as you reflect on Mother’s Day and what is means for you:

  • Right now, I’d describe my motherhood journey with these three words.
  • These are the self-preserving boundaries I’ve set and will uphold in my motherhood journey.
  • As I grow in my journey of motherhood, these are the things I want my child/ren to know about me as a woman.
  • My brand of motherhood is:
  • My self-care rituals include:

Will you take the time, mama? Will you make space amidst all your errands, obligations, lists, drop-offs, payments to make, loads of laundry, heads to do, and all the things? Can we ask you to commit to care?

We want you well, mama. Wholly and completely. And we hope you’ll make sure you get (and stay) there too.

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