On Your Mark, Get Set, Restore

On Your Mark, Get Set, Restore


 With the start of the new year and expectations high, you may be full of motivation. At the same time, anxiety may be high because holiday fatigue is real.

During this time of year there is usually heavy anticipation of new beginnings. We are acknowledging the previous year while focusing on the future.

Yet, in the midst of all the momentum, it is okay to slow down rather than speed up. It is also okay to disregard societal pressures and ditch the expectations and the long to-do lists. It is even perfectly fine to rest, reflect and reset in order to ensure that you get a good start to the new year.

Tap into yourself and restore who you are at your own pace.

Turning down the volume on external distractions and focusing inward may be the answer. Set your own rules. Consider listening to what your body needs. A digital detox and/or alcohol detox as a mental and physical cleanse may be beneficial to reset for the year. Creating a simple morning and/or evening routine may also help.

Less can truly be more – more rest, more relaxation and an overall renewal. The key is to do what’s best for you.

For additional ideas and tips on how you can reset and restore for the new year in order to progress forward with clarity, visit Pittsburg Post-Gazette.


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