The Soft Life That YOU want, period.

The Soft Life That YOU want, period.


What’s the soft life anyway?

Cue scene: a group of our Betterness Baes are sitting and chatting about weekend plans. One has a date, another is heading out of town to visit family. The three remaining all have unbaked agendas and expressed wanting to get together to hang out. One of our BBs says: ooh, I know! Let’s have a planting party! I’ve been meaning to clean out my flowerbeds and it’ll be so fun to do it with my girls! One chimes in with a half-hearted yayyyy. The other? A guttural hell naw and an eye roll. “What is with you and the manual labor? Why we always gotta be bending our lifting in the name of free time? I’M ABOUT THAT SOFT LIFE, PERIOD.

It was a light moment, but an illuminating one. So, we wanna talk about it.

We’ve seen the posts, liked the reels and found ourselves in pursuit of the personal era the social media gworls made a popular topic of conversation. The soft life – a wildly interpreted moniker to describe the intentional tone-set of a woman’s lifestyle, pursuits and presence. From the mere sound of it, it’s a way of living that we all would want, right? It feels too obvious to be debatable.

Alas. Since the internet is the water cooler of the world and gives us all license to say the things with our fingers and with our chests – there has been a trail mix of opinions on what this means and why. Some will paint the soft life as jet setting and living label-heavy luxury. Others will say it’s a self-care led life that prioritizes quiet, stillness and reflection. And then of course – the ones who say it means ‘ get somebody else to do it’ – an invitation for princess treatment and princess treatment ONLY.

We’re sure there are other, more nuanced, colorful and spicy takes on softness and appreciate the variety and hot takes. Here’s where we’ve landed:

The soft life is the one that gives you space to move at the pace you want, in order to do the things you need, with your well-being and self-preservation as the priority.

There is no one way to be soft, but there is definitely your way. Self-preservation and priority are have boundless expressions that require you to be in tune and in touch with yourself. What works for one won’t for another. What one finds relaxing and edifying another calls labor. For some, slow movement zaps creativity. For others, it is regenerative. Whatever your way is, the call to living softly is a call to making the space of your life exactly what you need for the season that you’re in. It’s about embracing the elements of your womanhood that are soul settling and safe. It’s about coming home to yourself, easing in and letting that space breathe…softly.

So whether it’s nature or a nail appointment; a trip with the girls, a hike on your own, or your quarterly door-delivered self care gift, your soft life is yours to own, honor and hone. Your rhythm. Your energy.



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