Your month, your wellness, YOUR WAY

Your month, your wellness, YOUR WAY


It’s something about that new month, fresh page energy that serves as a mental activator for us. We know, turning the page of the calendar isn’t magic or a fix-all, but new starts feel like a sweet gift. and when it comes to gifts…WE RECEIVE ‘EM, ok? (oh, and if you need a quarterly reminder of that gift-receiving energy, there's a BetternessBox subscription with ya name on it) The new month though -- it’s a white-space little luxury that recalibrates us and puts us in a space of choice, power and mindset shifting. 

When we’re blessed to greet another mark of the year, we like to set some time and space for setting intention and harnessing our ability to live fully into our power of choice. That choosing power enables us to make decisions for who we want to be, how we want to show up, and the way we intend to move through the month regardless of how life is lifeing. While circumstances may not change from the last day to the first of a month…we certainly can.

So with chapter July 2023 newly here and the canvas for a full summer-month glances in our direction, we want to know…how will you show up to your life? How will you take the reins and in your own way to hone your wellness practice and radiate?

If you’re not quite sure, we have some good questions that you can mull over, journal about, pray through -- whatever works for you, sis.

  • What is that thing I’ve been thinking about lately, that I can’t seem to shake? What is it nudging me to do?
  • How is my nervous system feeling? 
  • Do I need more rest, more adventure this month? Either way, here are three ways I want to honor that need: 
  • What am I usually doing when I feel my healthiest, strongest, and best? Here are three ways I can do more of that this month.
  • Here is ONE THING I will do this month to bring me deep joy: 

We want you to feel good and at ease as you choose yourself in July, so these questions aren’t thesis-style prompts. For some they’ll be something to write about and for others, they’ll be great mental chew. Either way, we want you to feel honored in your decisions to make July the very best FOR YOU.

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