Who are you, uninterrupted?

Who are you, uninterrupted?


The BetternessBox experience is designed as a tool to support you in the creation of an intentional life. The products are chosen with your care in mind. We think deeply about what your moments with them will mean and how they'll impact the quality of your days. 

And yet, with all the ways we come alongside your journey of prioritizing and caring for yourself, we know that where we meet you is only part of the journey. There is so much of the discovery -- well, most of it really -- that rests only with you.

It's with that framing and soul anchoring that we share this beautiful question with you, intended to challenge the parts of you that perhaps remain covered and unspoken. Maybe in the midst of all the roles you own and the moves you're making you don't get to sit with yourself to inquire of yourself. 

In a talk that was the shake-up we didn't know we needed, Felecia Hatcher - brilliant speaker, author, and start-up expert asked this question that has us thinking about who we are, and in the absence of limiting beliefs, who we can be:

Who are you, uninterrupted?

If the barriers weren't a thing. If success was guaranteed. If your capacity and resources weren't inhibited by any external forces. Who would you be and how would you show up in the world?

The question welcomes possibilities and imagination and that's why we love it. It encourages us to see the version of ourselves that lights us up and allows us to see through the lens of our own limitless radiance. It's such a beautiful way to think, and a necessary space to explore.

Will you take the time to dream about your own wild and precious life?

We sure hope so, sis. 

 Photo by Caique Nascimento on Unsplash

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