Glow Foods: The BBX Guide to Seasonal Eating

Glow Foods: The BBX Guide to Seasonal Eating


Because we know that what we feed our bodies is one of the key ways to sure up our health, regulate our core functions and keep us feeling and looking good;

Because we know that developing the tools to make the best choices comes when we’re informed;

And because we know that glowing from the inside out begins with intention supported with information, we’re giving you the goods on eating well and feeling great.

Let’s chat seasonal food and eating with the sun, shall we?

What is seasonal food, and how do we find it?

Seasonal food is produce that is purchased and consumed around the time that it is harvested. With each new season, there is an array of foods that are harvested at the peak of the season, and offers us prime opportunity to enjoy their nutrient density with less transit times, and fewer days and weeks on the shelves.

Most seasonal produce can be found right in your hood! Consider your local farmers’ market, local Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) programs operating in your area and at restaurants and businesses committed to seasonal, local food.

In addition to freshness and fewer food miles, seasonal foods also offer us:

  • The best tasting produce. 
  • Nutrient density. Seasonally fresh produce is picked when it is fully developed at the peak of the season. With optimal growing conditions and more sun exposure come higher levels of antioxidants and essential vitamins and minerals.
  • Alignment with our natural body cycles. Think about it -- our ancestors could only eat what grew in natural conditions, therefore the natural cycle of crops and produce is meant to support our health and nutritional needs for the body’s current needs. Leafy greens in the spring help us alkalize our bodies and facilitate detoxification. Hydrating foods like watermelon, berries and cucumber keep us hydrated in the summertime heat. Winter squashes are great warming foods for winter. See the sense it makes?

Thinking about food - seasonally, and nutritionally, helps us better understand the intention of why we eat what we do, and how we can make the best choices to ensure our health and wellness. It’s a critical part of the self care journey that we love!

If you want to tap in and learn more about locating local farmers’ markets in your area, check out the USDA site for a directory. 

To eating well, feeling better, and doing it all for the love and care of YOU -- let’s do this, sis!



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