Episode 3

Episode 3

Ready to explore self-discovery and inner peace through the lens of black women's experiences?



This podcast is for you if

  • You're seeking to thrive in challenging situations in your life.
  • You're seeking inspiration and encouragement on your own journey to self-discovery.
  • You're interested in hearing personal stories from black women who have overcome challenges and found inner peace.
  • You're looking for practical tips on how to practice gratitude and prepare for success in your own life.

In this episode

  1. Raven shares her origin story, growing up in a small town and embracing her southern belle roots.
  2. She opens up about her journey to becoming a blogger and using her platform to inspire others.
  3. Raven discusses the importance of rebranding being a "good girl" and finding balance in life.
  4. She talks about her experience with anxiety, depression, and ADHD, and the importance of seeking help and reducing stigma.
  5. Raven shares how her small-town upbringing influenced her journey to self-discovery and finding inner peace.
  6. She discusses the balance between gratitude and preparation in her life and how it has shaped her mindset.

Highlights Include

  • [01:00] Raven's origin story and upbringing in a small town.
  • [07:09] Rebranding being a "good girl" and finding balance in life.
  • [11:00] Dealing with anxiety, depression, and ADHD, and reducing stigma.
  • [16:50] Shame guilt on shaming herself in moments she haven't had it all together
  • [21:40] Influence of small-town upbringing on self-discovery and inner peace.
  • [38:40] Raven's definition of "We Are Thriving"
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  1. Raven Purifoy Instagram: ⁠(@rhoyallysouthern)

  2. Denise Gilmore-McPherson Instagram: (@dgilmcphee)