Amber: L.I.T. in Life, and the Kitchen

Amber: L.I.T. in Life, and the Kitchen


Amber Williams knows a thing about good taste. She's built a brand and business rooted in creating moments and experiences with food. As the CEO and Executive Chef of LeRouge Cuisine, Amber continues to anchor special moments and occasions by providing flavor, finesse and flair. She is also a creator and catalyst, having recently developed a resource that shares recipes and awareness about food deserts and how to surmount the limitations that come from communities where fresh food isn't available. 

What Amber is most proud of:
The part of my journey I’m most proud of is not giving up - although there were several opportune times. I’m glad I stuck in the fight as long as I’ve had, I’m grateful to still have fresh vision for the future, to have respectfully ignored a lot of people and kept God’s original instruction & Word at the forefront when the path got rocky or foggy.

What helps Amber maintain her shine:
What helps me maintain my shine is God and my prioritization of spending quality time with Him. The Grind culture can be so alluring and tempting as the best way to success but it’s also very dangerous - it wasn’t until I started to carve out time to unplug, get quiet (internally & externally), intentionally talk to God, learn more about His character and literally ask Him what He wants me to do next in this journey - that’s when I felt most successful!

Amber’s stay-L.I.T. tip:
You are HER!!

Amber's self-care type:
The Mindful Observer

Why we love her:
Amber doesn't just cook; she creates with unmistakable passion. From the process to the presentation, her food makes a statement and nourishes each person she feeds. That, combined with her resilience and reinvention, makes her the homegirl who's house we always want to pull up to.

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