Charlene: L.I.T. Online in Business and LIFE

Charlene: L.I.T. Online in Business and LIFE


Charlene McCraney is an SEO strategist and mompreneur who helps businesses and brands stand out. Her internet wizardry provides the insight and strategy that powers business success and gives brands the edge they need to increase their reach and visibility. She's carved a lane that makes SEO more accessible and breaks down the concepts and tactics that translate to businesses owners and creatives in ways that make sense.

Charlene’s advice to women pursuing their dreams:
My advice to women for achieving the life they've always dreamed of is to ask your inner self what you would love to do if no one in the world was watching and wouldn't judge you? Whatever that is, do that!

Charlene's song of the moment:
On My Momma!! by Victoria Monet

Charlene's stay L.I.T. tip:
Put your oxygen mask on first

Charlene’s self-care type:
The Creator

Why we love her:
Charlene brings her A-game EVERYTIME. Her brilliance is matched only by her beautiful delivery and top-notch presentation.

Where to keep up with this L.I.T. SEO strategist and boss Mrs.:

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