Kristin: L.I.T. with Red Lips

Kristin: L.I.T. with Red Lips


Kristin McIntyre is style maven who champions Black women, Black beauty, and the power of wearing and celebrating both. As the visionary and founder of Rufescent Lips, Kristin has created a space that honors the particular brand of beauty that honors the depth, variety, tonality and richness of Black skin. Her lipstick brand, Rufescent, is a line of various tones of reds that help elevate the already-present beauty found in women of color.

What Kristin prioritizes to help her maintain her shine:
Honestly, I prioritize lots of rest to maintain my shine. I absolutely love to curl up in bed to reset my mind, body, and spirit. Rest is such a luxurious form of self-care. And, the most slept on form of self-care. No pun intended.

Kristin's advice to women pursuing the lives of their dreams:
My advice to all women would be to not let age or life stage suppress the urge to live out your life's true desires. The key to life is to stay prepared, the universe has already planned out your manifestations. However, you must position yourself to be ready to receive. Always.

Kristin’s stay-L.I.T. tip:
"As long as you have breath, you've got options."

Kristin’s self-care type:
The Mindful Observer

Why we love her:
Kristin's product and business was born for beauty, but goes so much deeper. They 'why' of her brand is full of intention that is way past skin deep. We love her innovation, spirit, and the way she celebrates us all and gives us something that reminds us of how unique and special our individual beauty is.

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