Shout Out To These Sisters...Glow on.

Shout Out To These Sisters...Glow on.


Do y'all have internet besties? Friends in your head that you've never met but feel deeply connected to on these innanet streets? It's an interesting phenomenon -- these parasocial relationships that have entered our lives and given us new extensions and digital connections to glean from. While they can take many forms, today we're talking about some of our faves--the girls who bring light and radiance to our timelines and help us remember who we are and who we can be. Check out our line-up of our internet besties and glow gals:

Myleik Teel - Myleik is a boss-babe and a trailblazer in the subscription box game (hey girl, HEY!). As the founder of Curlbox, she created a new way for Black women to nurture their curls. She's also one of our online cousins who teaches and shares with an unapologetic wisdom that gathers us on the regular. Her #Mytaughtyou classroom is an experience of real talk, accountability and radical self care.
Myliek says: I don't take it personally, and also, don't play with me.



Dr. Thema - Dr. Thema is so many things - a licensed Minister, Psychologist, Dancer, podcast host, Author, TEDx Speaker and has the ability to help us open our eyes to our own journey, creating space to come home to ourselves. Her tweets are life-giving and her sharing is laced with a deep grace and kindness. 



Dr. Thema says: You're an ocean. Stop waiting for permission and approval. Flow...


Mia Ray AKA The Glamaholic Queen. Can we say BOSS BABE?! 

Mia has grown an entire empire and shared her struggles, joy and success online for over a decade. Watching her journey - one filled with grit and glory - has inspired the kind of confidence that makes us want to pursue the big dream, at all cost. And to top it all off? Her entire line of product is FIRE!


Mia Ray says: Mia Ray is a brand name. I stand behind it, I guarantee it.


Aunty Tab - There can't be a conversation about radiant queens without this one. Tabitha Brown Tik Tok'd her way into our hearts while we were all stuck at home and has since become a household name. LITERALLY. From her kind and drawly wisdom videos, to her bomb fro, to the vegan treats and home products that keep us in Target, Tab has shown us what can happen when you show up as yourself, unabashedly. 


Tab says: I want us to be intentional about being good to ourselves, and sometimes our food is a way we treat ourselves, but we need to be intentional with what we put in our bodies and mind.

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