On Getting to the Glow

On Getting to the Glow


Ok so boom – cue scene: It’s 10 pm.

Your wind-down is winding. Kitchen counters have that post-dinner wipe down lit with the glow from the ever-on stove light that says it is officially CLOSED. Lunches are prepped and packed, and all to be heard is the faint murmur of the dishwasher on its closing scene. Bonnets on, covers are turned back and you’ve hit your goal to be in bed for optimal refresh before that early alarm. All wins on the responsible adulting front. Before your final turn down, you do one quick email scan and quickly decide you’ll handle that tomorrow, and then switch over to your social timelines for a final funny to cap off your night.

Three hours later, you’re elbow deep into 24 skin care routines, filled your Sephora and Amazon carts, and ran to the pantry to see if you have the ingredients to make your own sugar-avocado-honey mask because the Brown Girl skin collective said it’s the wave.

The power of the glow got you, sis.

Been there? You aren’t alone. Many of us are enthralled with learning the latest in keeping our skin supple and shiny, all with the hope of giving us the filter-free face that keeps our selfies poppin’ and our black from crackin’. And we’re here for it! The beauty of well-nurtured skin is a luxury we all deserve. That, on top of the invaluable effects of keeping our skin in optimal health as  it’s a vital component of our overall wellness as women who are called to operate in the world in our full strength, power and beauty. So, yes – get your routine together! Enjoy the benefits of inner and outer wellness! Glow and go hard with pampering yourself in the ways that feel right to you! And also…while we love the skin care content and fire selfies proving its effectiveness, know that it doesn’t end there. The glow factor - the distinct brilliance and effervescence of your womanhood-- has levels. Can we get into it?

When we think about the glow -- the intangible radiance that emanates from us –we think about the kind of presence in body, mind, spirit and energy that is signature to each person. It shows up in our bodies, yes, yet it exists beyond what people see. It is our aura, our energy, and the power of our unique position in the world. The impact of our glow is felt in every room we walk in, it surrounds the relationships we cultivate, and it nurtures a presence of peace that equips us wherever we go and in whatever we face. Our forever First Lady, Auntie Michelle said it like this in her latest book, The Light We Carry: “I believe that each of us carries a bit of inner brightness, something entirely unique and individual. A flame that’s worth protecting. When we are able to recognize our own light, we become empowered to use it.”

It’s that. That’s the kind of glow that we're encouraging you to identify and cultivate, and spend intentional time nurturing. This glow is what will prioritize your wellness, launch you into the spaces that you’re purposed and positioned for, and create a whole and full life experience. To be clear sis, having this glow about you doesn’t mean that life will be all ease; you’ll still have to navigate seasons that don’t make sense or feel good to or for you. But this deep sense of knowing and ultimately, glowing, will mean that you can show up in every season with a deep-rooted knowing that you aren’t defined by it.

So, how do we get there? How do we find, keep and nurture the glow? Sis - let us be the first to tell you that there isn’t just one way. There’s no rulebook to this thing. But there are ways to get intentional about cultivating the kind of radiance that makes your mark on the world the undeniable force that it is:

Pursue you intentionally. You know how it is when you meet someone you’re into? With energy and desire, you immerse yourself in learning about them -- their origin story, their quirks and whims, and the facets of their life and person that make them who they are. It becomes a source of joy for you to engage their mind and ways, right? DO THAT FOR YOU SIS. It’s important to deeply, truly, get to know who you are and the many facets of you -- outside of the influence and gaze of others. What discoveries can you make about yourself and the way you operate in the world? What gifts are innate to you? What perspective colors the way you see the world? While the evolution of you will continue, your  baseline identity and all its parts is critical to establishing your space and experience. This self-pursuit is an intentional shoring up of your own experience. The light starts with you knowing you,  boo!

Be good to your body. This one seems obvious because we all know the truth in this. Y'all know, around these parts we believe that our ability to operate well in the world is directly connected to our physical capacity to do so. It’s not about a societal standard of representation or a even the vanity of it all (though we do like to SERVE BODY). Our physical wellness is our demonstrated effort to steward our greatest gift well. What we put into it, on it, around it and the proactive ways we express care are all critical to the way we’re able to live in the light we’ve been given.

Live Generously. …and it ain’t even ALL  about money. Living a generous life is about offering our fullness to each space we’re called to. Are you a creative who can bring innovative approaches to your work? Are you deeply spiritual and can pray and believe for others? Do you nurture well and bring comfort to your friends and family, naturally? Whatever those innate gifts are, they’re to be shared as an extension of our purpose in this life. We can do this without sacrificing our own wellbeing because the gifts we have to give won’t always feel like labor. They’ll feel like love.

Stay Curious. There is always room for more -- more learning, more expansion and more perspectives that may be different than yours. How can you willingly keep yourself open to learning from others? Curiosity - of others, of yourself and of the world helps you to expand and find parts of yourself that bring more depth, color and fullness.

We could keep listing here, sis. But these are some of the ways-- on many levels-- that you can create a lifestyle and experience that encourages the version of you that shines; the version of you that lives with deep reverence to yourself but doesn’t let that keep you from meaningful connections and experiences with others. It’s the kind of life that attracts, emanates and brings clarity and sight. It’s your life…and it is (and can be) LIT!

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