Saria: L.I.T. with Purpose and Paper

Saria: L.I.T. with Purpose and Paper


Saria Hawkins-Banda is a stationary superstar with a knack for planning and an even bigger penchant for purpose. As Founder and CEO of Manifest Your Purpose, Saria creates office and stationary accessories that support women who are creating the lives of their dreams.

Saria’s advice to women pursuing their dreams:
ALWAYS keep God first. If you forget to keep him in this position, chaos will ensue! 

Saria’s stay-L.I.T. tip:
Drink your water and mind your business!!!

Saria’s self-care type:
The Creator

Why we love her:
Saria's passion and zeal for helping women discover who they are and what they can accomplish is infectious! Her spirit shines in everything she creates. She calls women higher, helps us see ourselves with greater clarity and inspires us to dream outside of the box. Oh, and her office accessories are always FIRE.

Where to keep up with this L.I.T. paper-creating, purpose chasing boss:

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