Totally Tot - A  L.I.T Life and Style Queen

Totally Tot - A L.I.T Life and Style Queen


Tatiana "Tot" Jones is a creative life stylist who blends her knack for style and abiding faith and with that, has created a fun a vibrant corner of the internet that inspires us to live, look and feel our best. Her energy is infectious, style impeccable and her spirit soars...even through the screen!

What she's most proud of:
I am most proud of my unwavering tenacity and my boundless hope and zeal for life. In 2018, when I faced the challenge of being fired from my job, I made the bold decision to fully embrace entrepreneurship. What fills me with pride is that I entrusted both in God and the unique gifts to sustain my lifestyle. This journey has taught me resilience, faith, and self-belief, making it a faith filled chapter in my life that I cherish deeply.

How Tot maintains her shine:
I prioritize my peace above all else, as it's the foundation of my shine. My relationship with God and nurturing my spirit are paramount, providing the fuel that keeps my inner light shining. In these priorities, I find meaning and sustenance for life.

Tot's stay-L.I.T. tip:
Prioritize your growth on all levels. Personal, Professional, Spiritual, and in relationships. This is a great way to care for your self in a way that is beneficial for yourself AND those around you. NEVER STOP GROWING

Tot's self-care type:
The Mindful Observer

Why we love her:
Tot makes style personal, easy and welcomes us all to show up as our best selves. She's a kind soul and caring friend who always feels like home. 

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