True wellness goes far beyond physical gains. It holistically encapsulates your mind, body, soul, and spirit. And when you achieve it, your wellness radiates onto others.
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A Lit Leap

Looking to make the most of your extra day this leap year? We've got some ideas.
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What's Actually Beautiful Though? A Look at Pretty Privilege

To celebrate the brilliance of Black beauty and all the ways we cultivate and honor it, is to acknowledge that it exi...
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On Betterness and the Black Beauty Effect

Let’s start with a disclaimer: this topic and content isn’t our original idea. We (probably like you!) watched the Ne...
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Take Time, Meditate.

The holiday hustle is wrapped. The ‘let’s wait until January’ waiting has expired and the list of to-dos has resurfac...
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Inspired to...BE.

So the internet told us that January 3 was National Inspiration and Motivation Day. We can’t say for sure how valid i...
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LaToyia: L.I.T. With The Keys to Your Dream House

LaToyia "LaLa" Gilmore has the keys, ok? As a top producing real estate agent and MOTHA, she has taken the reins of h...
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