True wellness goes far beyond physical gains. It holistically encapsulates your mind, body, soul, and spirit. And when you achieve it, your wellness radiates onto others.
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Kristen Collins: L.I.T. with STEM AND BEAUTY

Kristen Collins is a creative visionary on a mission to inspire young girls to reimagine STEM by creatively exploring...
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Patricia: L.I.T. at Home In the Life of Her Dreams

Patricia White is a stay at home mom on a quest to encourage soft living while creating the life of her dreams. Her p...
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Introducing: The BetternessBox L.I.T. Awards!

What will always be true about BetternessBox -- from the products that we curate for our boxes, to the content we pro...
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Joy: L.I.T. in Her Life Around the World

Joy Obazei is a digital creator who experts in travel and lifestyle. Her zest for seeing the world and encouraging ot...
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Depression, awareness...and now what?

This one is going to be a little different, BetternessBaes. When we introduced the idea of ‘now what,” the idea was t...
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This Digital Marketing Maven Started Her Own now what?

Sammi Bivens is a brand. On top of that? She knows how to make and build them too. It’s what she does every day as th...
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